1. Functions:

-Organizing, designing and executing the events: ground breaking ceremony, inauguration, exhibition sales, product introduction, commemoration of establishment and medal receipt…
-Producing and supplying of items: advertising, gift, souvenir, promotion.
-Designing and printing brochure, company profile, business cards, flyers, leaflets, banderol, banners…
-Designing and implementing: posters, signboards, light-boxes, slogan, neon sign…
-Interior and exterior decoration.
-Translating documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa.

2. Facilities:

Supply, design and implementation:

-Festival umbrellas, inflatable puppets, airship, balloon with variety of sizes.
-Inflatable gates, iron gates with modules designed to make ceremony majestic and impressive.
-The size of assembled pavilion designed with modern standards. It’s numbers would contain 10,000 guests. (Standard size for each compartment is 5m x 18m). Iron frame is solid, even in bad weather.
-Stages in various sizes suitable for all designs ideas, the meaning ò the business.
-Delegates areas including chrome steel furniture, partition canopies, carpets, plastic floor…(we can supply with large number).
-The surrounding area: reception pavilion with solemn and impressive decoration.
-High capacity, modern sound and light system meet program requirements.

Production workshop:

Being fully equipped with the necessary and professional equipments: welding set, cutting machine, bending machine, digital print… beside we also have others equipments and materials related to implementation.

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