“Trademark is invaluable property of enterprise”

Therefore, Hai Van Event- Advertising and Commercial Co., Ltd was established with criteria supporting enterprises in building and advertising trademark, introducing products, goods to the market, creating bridge between enterprise and its partners, domestic and international clients. Thereby, it will help enterprise finding business opportunities, distribution channel, market expansion, long-term strategic direction, optimizing their capacity to jointly build and develop internal and external brand image.     

With a combination of services of marketing strategic consulting, consulting and managing trademark, marketing media, market research, community relation and promotion plan, Hai Van Event- Advertising and Commercial Co., Ltd is honored as supplier of the professional event advertisement managing services.

Our company looks forward to long term cooperation with your company in organizing programs of Vietnamese high quality goods exhibition and others. We commit that with our experience, reputation and organizational capacity, we will bring success to exhibition program.

With well-equipped in staging, organizing; high-skilled, creative, dynamic staffs can work in any situation; along with the contribution of event professional experts, we will bring to the client with advertising and event management services impressively and profoundly. Thereby, it is to enhance the competitive advantage for clients in brand promotion.  

Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

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