Harmony with jubilant atmosphere of the festive season- Festival 2012 with many attractive art programs, “Sake Festival” is a experience completely new and exciting for Thua Thien Hue people and also for tourists everywhere about the unique culture of Sakura country in the land of ancient capital…

This festival was held by MTV Hue Food Co., Ltd at 3/2 Park for 3 days from 7th to 9th April, 2012. With the participation of company leaders, employees and many famous artists and bands in the country and over the world such as: MC Thanh Bach, MC Tran Thanh; singers: Doan Trang, Van Mai Huong, Le Hieu; Cleopatra dancer company – Belley Dance, Flamenco Band… surely would bring visitors the exciting and unforgettable performances.

The opening turn for Sake Festival

Festival space is divided into four main areas. Entrance area outside of Park 3/2 campus is gateway attracted the attention of visitors. Gallery and products introducing area was designed and decorated with variety of art motifs of Japan culture. Here, guests were invited to enjoy many flavors of different wines by gentle, discreet girls in Kimono- Japan traditional custom. With guideline of “Quality and safety for customers’ health”, over the years, the company has confirmed their trade mark HFC in 2 brands of product: Sake and Shochu with 30 types of alcohol products consumed in Vietnam market also exported to Japan and ASEAN countries.

Selling food and customers serving areas for visitors enjoy Sake taste is beside of dreamlike Perfume River. Cellars area for guest enjoys wine and Stage area are space filled with specific colors of traditional Japanese culture and Sake. Outside motifs decorated lanterns, kites and Sakura made the attraction to travelers and visitors on the road.

Name Sake associated with Japanese culture not only because of its origin but also by peppery taste in the tongue; warm the concentration rising nose and then the rest of sweet flavor choking in his throat. Yet, Mr. Kurokawa Kunihiko – CEO of Hue Food Co., Ltd confirmed that understanding and feel the Sake is the understanding of Japanese culture. So, coming to Hue festival, you shouldn’t miss this impressive festival. Let’s review some of the activities took place during the Sake festival’s first day April 7th, 2012 as followed:

Excellent song full of Sakura during the festival

Performance of Japanese Kimono
Sake Festival program continues in the next two days from April 8th to 9th, 2012 include: Flamenco music (performing the famous international songs), Country music (Concert of Western music), puppet, quizzes with prizes, music of the young singers with lively dance group. The closing ceremony will take place in the evening of April 9th, 2012.

Source- Festival Hue

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