Vu Lan Festival (August 30th 2012) was solemnly celebrated in Tu Dam Pagoda from 8th to 15th July in Lunar Calendar. Nuns and Buddhist both men and women in Hue city gathered in the main hall of temple chanting Vu Lan – Repaying 6 in the afternoon (from 2 pm on 8th to 15th July in lunar calendar).

In the morning of July 14th in lunar calendar, all nuns had gathered in the lecture hall of Tu Dam Pagoda to held An Cu meeting, 6.30 am all people gathered at the main hall of the temple to celebrate the official ceremony of Tu Tu, ending 3 months at home, detention-harmony and encouraging study together in the spirit of Chu monks; 9 am is ceremony of male nuns.

On the same day, at 2 pm, there is also Vu Lan festival program of Tu Dam Buddhist Family celebrating the 64 of Chu Nien, at 7 pm, ceremony of setting the commission with the participation of HT- leading nun of Tu Dam Pagoda (HT. Thich Hai An), HT. Thich Quang Nhuan and all nuns attended, followed by a cultural program – Grace of birth.

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